Urogynecology of Watkinsville is now Advanced Gynecology!  If you have gynecological concerns, it’s essential to have a gynecologist in Watkinsville that you can trust with your condition like painful kidney stones, urinary tract infections and even pelvic organ prolapse.

It’s possible you’ve begun your search by inserting keywords like “gynecology Watkinsville,” and “gynecology near me,” “Watkinsville gynecology” or looked for “a gynecologist near me” in an internet search engine. How can you tell which specialist will give you the treatment and respect you need to cope with your condition? How will you decide which is the best urogynecology physician to see?

It is necessary to find a specialist who values your time and personal needs. The bladder, urinary tract and pelvic organs play a vital role in your well-being, and the team at Advanced Gynecology recognize the importance of listening to their patient’s needs and preferences.

Gynecological Health Conditions

The seasoned experts at Advanced Gynecology can help treat any number of women’s health issues, including:

Bladder and urinary illness – Men and women both experience the development of bladder and urinary tract infections. However, due to their shorter urethra, women tend to develop more of these diseases. Women are also prone to the onset of an overactive bladder or may form an uncomfortable bladder syndrome. In contrast, innovations in medicine can treat these conditions with medications and surgical procedures.

Pelvic organ prolapse – After giving birth, a woman may experience a condition unique to the female reproductive system called pelvic organ prolapse (POP). This state can also develop as a woman ages. Pelvic organ prolapse can cause mild to severe pain or feel like an uncomfortable pressure in their vagina and lower abdomen. Several procedures may alleviate the symptoms of POP like anterior prolapse surgery, posterior prolapse surgery, and uterine prolapse surgery.

Advanced Gynecology offers specialists who understand the best treatment protocols for kidney stones, pelvic organ prolapse, kidney stones, an overactive bladder, and any other issue involving gynecology.

Pay attention to your body’s gynecological symptoms, don’t wait for the discomfort to interrupt your daily activities before seeing us at Advanced Gynecology. Please give us a call so we can help you live your best life.