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When it comes to your care, there are so many reasons you need a great gynecologist you can count on. Whether you're dealing with women's health issues like overactive bladder, incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse or you have a condition that affects your daily health, it's time to see a specialist in Woodstock.

Choosing the right gynecology specialist in Woodstock is an important decision. How do you know your specialist will treat you just as you are with your unique needs? Finding a doctor today has become a more individual, digital process. Maybe you've begun your search by diving into web searches through Bing or Google inserting terms like "gynecology near me," "Woodstock gynecology," or "gynecologist Woodstock" to find a specialist is convenient to your home in the metro Atlanta area.

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Bladder & Urinary 
Track Issues

At Advanced Gynecology, we excel at helping the women of Roswell, Georgia with the following bladder and urinary tract issues:

Interstitial cystitis

Interstitial cystitis is a disruptive, chronic condition that looks a lot like a urinary tract infection (UTI) without actually being an infection. Interstitial cystitis causes inflammation in the bladder and can be made worse should a UTI occur. Also known as painful bladder syndrome, interstitial cystitis creates pressure and pain in the bladder and in some cases the pelvis.

Overactive bladder

Almost 40 percent of all women in the United States struggle with an overactive bladder. It's a chronic condition that causes sudden urges to urinate. The call comes from bladder muscle contractions. The need can suddenly strike at any time, irrespective of the volume of urine in the bladder.

Urinary tract infection or UTI

UTI's are ubiquitous. They can be painful and unpleasant, but they tend to clear up with a course of antibiotics. UTI's are more common in women than in men. Symptoms may include pain or a burning sensation when urinating, a frequent need to urinate or a pain in the lower abdomen. UTI's symptoms are similar to those of several other conditions, and it's best to consult your physician if you encounter repeat symptoms.

Bladder and urinary illness

Men and women both experience the development of bladder and urinary tract infections. However, due to their shorter urethra, women tend to develop more of these diseases. Women are also prone to the onset of an overactive bladder or may form an uncomfortable bladder syndrome. In contrast, innovations in medicine can treat these conditions with medications and surgical procedures.

Gynecological Health Conditions

Choosing to find an empathetic gynecologist can feel like a monumental task, but we're here at Advanced Gynecology to aid you in managing your health. We treat Roswell women for many conditions including:

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During a normal, healthy menstrual cycle, the endometrial tissue inside the uterus thickens then breaks down — this breakdown of the uterine lining is what causes normal bleeding during menstruation. When this tissue that normally grows inside the uterus actually grows outside the uterus, endometriosis occurs. This tissue still behaves like the endometrium inside the uterus — it still thickens, breaks down and causes bleeding. When this occurs outside the uterus, women may experience pain and even infertility.

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Post-menopausal side-effects

A drop in estrogen levels can cause many symptoms including; hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, itching and the loss of sexual drive. Estrogen helps control cholesterol production; heart disease is also a significant condition that can arise with consistently low estrogen levels. The risk of osteoporosis also rises, making women more vulnerable to bone fractures.

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If you're experiencing any gynecological symptoms, your best option in Woodstock is to turn to the medical professionals at Advanced Gynecology. We make the well being and convenience of our patients a priority, and we are here to offer you the highest quality treatment possible.

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