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Advanced Gynecology's Lina Millan teams up with Medtronic to discuss Overactive Bladder

Having an overactive bladder prevents you from controlling when and how much you urinate. You may experience unexpected small or large leaks, or use the bathroom very frequently. Symptoms include Frequent urges to urinate (urgency-frequency), Inability to hold urine/leaking (urge incontinence), and Leaking due to abdominal contractions.

Overactive Bladder and Fecal Incontinence with Dr. Brian Raybon

OAB and FI are extremely common, but are not a normal part of aging. And you shouldn't have to deal with them on your own.


Stress Urinary Incontinence Webinar with Dr. Alexcis Ford

Stress Urinary Incontinence is the #1 most prevalent form of incontinence among women. SUI affects 15 million adult women in the US.


Overactive Bladder with Dr. Brian Raybon

Do you have uncontrollable urges to go to the bathroom? Frequent accidents? Are you getting up multiple times per night? Join Advanced Gynecology and Medtronic virtually as we discuss the symptoms and treatment options associated with Overactive Bladder


Urinary Incontinence with Dr. Alexcis Ford

Urinary Leakage affects 200 million people worldwide. On average, women wait 6.5 years from the first time they experience symptoms until they obtain a diagnosis for their bladder control problems. Don't wait, join our webinar.


Bladder or Bowel Control Issues with Dr. Alexcis Ford

OAB affects about 37 million Americans and Fecal Incontinence affects nearly 20 million. 44% of people say that they are embarrassed to talk about their bladder and bowel control problems. If you're experiencing OAB or FI symptoms, you're not alone.


Break Free from Pelvic Floor Disorders with Dr. Tugbiyele

Join our leading physician of Advanced Gynecology for expert advice about Pelvic Floor Disorder Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Options. You'll hear about real women that have overcome a Pelvic Floor Disorder and discover how they regained their quality of life.

Dr. Tugbiyele - Pelvic Floor Disorders

Educational Webinar with Dr. Alexcis Ford

Experiencing symptoms like heaviness, pressure or bulge in the vaginal area? Have difficulty emptying your bladder or bowels? You may have Pelvic Organ Prolapse. To learn more about the symptoms, risk factors and treatment options, you're invited to join a free webinar hosted by De. Alexcis Ford with Advanced Gynecology and Coloplast Corp.