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Patient Empowerment Program

Transform Your Health with Us

Our Empowerment Programs are centered on an evidence-based clinical pathway, designed to empower our patients to become proactive participants in their own health.

The Advanced team is here to help and guide you on a pathway that will provide a better quality of life and outcomes that matter. Choose one of our state of the art Empowerment Programs below to get more information.

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Purpose of The Empowerment Program


Patient Education

Empower our patients to make the best health decisions and to be better informed of their diagnosis and their options.


Specialized Staff Education

The Advanced staff are given specialized education and training to treat high volume and high risk disease states


Evidence Based Pathways

Evidenced based pathways created by Advanced Providers and Certified Patient Experience Professionals


Patient Experience

Providing a unique specialized experience for our patients through the Empowerment Programs.


Outcome Monitoring

Data driven outcomes that provide insight into better quality treatments

Empowerment Navigators

Patient advocates who help to coordinate care and provide psychosocial support for patients and family.

Bladder Program

When the bladder wall has involuntary contractions that are immediate, this creates an overwhelming urgency and need to urinate which leads to urinary incontinence. Overactive bladder is common in older adults, affecting about 1 in 11.