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Low Libido: Symptom or Medical Condition?

Low Libido: Symptom or Medical Condition?

Understanding Low Libido in Women 

Aside from ad campaigns that encourage women to get regular checkups, pap smears and breast exams, women’s sexual health is often circumscribed to conversations about family planning and fertility.

Having conversations about a decreased sex drive can be difficult, especially if you’re in an otherwise healthy relationship with your partner. The simple fact is that low sex drive affects many women and men. When it comes to women’s sexual health, low libido isn’t always easy to understand. If you’re concerned about your sexual health, Advanced Gynecology is here for you.

How to Know Whether Your Low Libido Is Caused by an Underlying Condition

Because there is a level of subjectivity in self-reporting symptoms like a decrease in sex drive, it’s important to examine your overall health situation to determine the cause for your low libido. Health concerns that can affect your libido include:

       Psychological health


       Recent surgery




       Certain medications

       Cardiac diseases

       High blood pressure


When to See a Doctor for Low Libido as a Medical Condition

There are a few questions that can help you understand whether you’re dealing with low libido as a function of an underlying condition or low libido as a condition. When it comes to HSDD, some form of these questions is often asked during an evaluation:

Have you recently been or are you currently experiencing:

       A decreased interest in sex

       A decrease in sexual desire

       Low sexual desire regardless of the level or type of sexual activity

       A feeling of worry or concern about this lack of sexual desire

Find Help with Advanced Gynecology

If you're ready to seek counsel for your condition or have been experiencing the common signs of HSDD, Advanced Gynecology is here for you.

Our board-certified team of women’s health experts are ready to help you with a range of options and will counsel you about the best options for you and your health.