What You Need to Know About Treating Fibroids

Learn about treating fibroids and how Advanced Gynecology can help

Many women suffer from common uterine fibroids, and there are a lot of conversations about whether it’s safe to take matters into your own hands and treat yourself. We don’t recommend beginning any type of treatment regimen before consulting a qualified medical professional.

Low Libido: Symptom or Medical Condition?

Low Libido: Symptom or Medical Condition?

Learn about low sex drive and what to look for when it comes to HSDD as well as when to talk to a doctor in this blog from Advanced Gynecology

Everyone is aware of the ad campaigns for drugs like Cialis and Viagra — often full of embarrassingly contrived innuendo. Men’s sexual health is a common subject for pharmaceutical advertisers, but what about women’s sexual health? Is low libido a symptom of other issues or its own medical condition? There’s no easy “Yes” or “No” answer.