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What You Need to Know About Treating Fibroids

What You Need to Know About Treating Fibroids

Understanding Uterine Fibroids


Uterine fibroids can be painful. Fibroids are muscular tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus and are a highly common condition; fibroids are usually benign (not cancerous).

Some of the most common symptoms related to fibroids include:


        Frequent urination

        Pain or discomfort

        Excessive bleeding


        Excessive cramping

        Swelling in the abdomen 

         At Home vs. Medical Solutions for Fibroids

If you’re experiencing the telltale signs of fibroids we recommend seeing a doctor. Without a proper diagnosis, you should not attempt to treat yourself for any condition. Even then, taking your medical treatment into your own hands isn’t something you should decide without the guidance of a qualified healthcare provider. That being said, there are some actions you can take to help mitigate your risk for fibroids as well as minimize some of the symptoms related to fibroids.

Most of the suggestions that naturally-focused practitioners agree on include:

        Maintaining a healthy weight

        Refrain from smoking or using illicit drugs

        Avoid inflammatory and processed foods

        Eat a healthy, nutrient rich diet

        Add fiber to your diet

        Get plenty of rest and exercise

        Avoid sedentary lifestyles

Additionally, some holistic providers may recommend alternative therapies like massage therapy, acupuncture and herbal remedies, but it’s important to note that the FDA hasn’t approved such treatments as effective ways to cure or eliminate fibroids. These methods, however, may be useful in maintaining a healthy, low-stress lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle is a good strategy for limiting your fibroid-related symptoms.

Medical solutions for fibroids may include procedures to manually remove fibroid tumors and there are also interventional medications that seek to regulate hormonal causes of fibroids as well.


How Advanced Gynecology Can Help


At Advanced Gynecology, we believe that the patient is always our first priority. That’s why we always take the time to make informed care recommendations and help you make the best choices for your health. If you are suffering from the telltale symptoms of fibroids, call one of our patient coordinators to learn more and schedule your initial consultation.